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Julie Doiron Releases “I Thought Of You”

After a long wait, in late November Julie Doiron finally released her new much-desired album “I Thought of You.

Canadian singer and songwriter, Julie Doiron debuted in 1996 with her 19-songs album “Broken Girl.”
Her style has always been natural and effect-less, and this new record only takes us back to the days of the 2002 album “Julie Doiron and The Wooden Star.” The singer released this album in collaboration with the Canadian indie-rock band The Wooden Star. As for this much-appreciated album, she has now embarked on a new musical experience together with Daniel Romano. Canadian musician, poet and visual artist Daniel Tavis Romano is primarily known as a solo artist, but he is also a member of the band Attack in Black. What’s more, Romano collaborated with Tool’s drummer Danny Carey on a 22-minute-long progressive / psychedelic hit, recreated songs by artists such as Bob Dylan, Ramones, The Kinks, …

The album

The album contains the two singles Darkness To Light and You Gave Me The Key. Similarly to some of her previous records, “I Thought of You” also contains a song in French, Et Mon Amour. In fact, the singer was born in Moncton, New Brunskwick, one of Canada’s bilingual cities.

On this record, the artist once again proved her incredible writing skills. As a matter of fact, each song has profound lyrics. The words are extremely touching for those who listen due to their direct and sincere characteristics.

Julie Doiron’s not-too-secret musical work

Although the wait for this album lasted exactly nine years (the singer’s latest album, So Many Days, released in 2012), during this time Julie Doiron was not completely silent. Indeed, in 2017, she released an album with members of the Toronto band Cancer Bats under the name Julie & The Wrong Guys. Moreover, she continued her “Julie Doiron Canta en Espanol” series. The artist released two records, Vol. 2 (2017) and vol. 4 (2019), in which she reimagines her old music.

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