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Julia Jacklin Releases Her New PRE PLEASURE

Australian singer and songwriter Julia Jacklin released her third studio album, PRE PLEASURE. The album also includes her latest single, “Be Careful With Yourself.”

Julia Jacklin
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Born in Sydney, Australia, Julia Jacklin is a singer and songwriter who made her way in thanks to her hit “Someday.” The single, an extract from the singer’s second studio album, has more than 23 million plays on Spotify.

The 32-year-old singer ranges around multiple genres, including indie pop, indie folk, and alternative country. On Aug 26, the artist dropped her latest album, PRE PLEASURE.

PRE PLEASURE is the singer’s third studio album. Released after 2016’s Don’t Let the Kids Win and 2019’s Crushing, the album is a deep analysis of human interactions and emotions. The soothing and angelic music contrast the direct but empathetic representation of people’s relationships with others and themselves.

Among the others, the latest “Be Careful With Yourself” stands out as one of the most personal songs. Discussing self love and health by lovingly suggesting to take care of your mind and body, the song gently reminds the caring words of a mother.

In the album, Jacklin sincerely expresses her rough emotions and portraits a self analysis in which everyone can relate to. The description of self-issues and struggles walks along with a sense of growth and relief. “End Of A Friendship” is the other favorite from the PRE PLEASURE. Touching a topic that’s hardly discussed, the song refers to the love behind a friendship and the harsh end of important relationships. As for the other songs in the record, the maturity of the lyrics leaves peace and comfort despite the bitter theme.

The album also includes her latest hits. Among the most prominent singles there are “Lydia Wears A Cross,” “I Was Neon” and “Love, Try Not To Let Go.”

Upcoming Tour

Julia Jacklin

Along with the release of the album, the singer announced her PRE PLEASURE TOUR. Starting Sept 9, Julia Jacklin will first perform in North America for 23 nights, then moving to Europe and the UK for 22 concerts. She will also perform in Australia in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne respectively on Feb 25, 26 and 28. Find your tickets for Jacklin’s concerts here.

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