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Jorja Smith Asks for No More Pain on New Track “GO GO GO”

Jorja Smith is out with new music. “GO GO GO” is the artist’s third song of 2023, after Little Things“(which also had a mashup and a remix by Nia Archives) and “Try Me.” The track is part of the new alternative pop music path that (seems) Smith will take from now on. 

A f*** you song – as the artist said in a statement – to those who kiss and tell.” “Why do people have to do that? I’m in my little alternative bag, but I’ve always kind of been in it. People might be like ‘I didn’t expect this’, but I’m like: ‘well, i would!’”

Jorja Smith’s new era 

On a heavy percussive beat with guitars, Jorja Smith reveals a certain indifference towards a relationship that has just ended. This time Jorja’s pain sounds different, it’s like she’s trying to not romanticize her suffering. And, in all honesty, that’s a shame. And that’s also one of the reasons for me, the writer, not loving this new side of the British artist. 

Probably because Jorja got us accustomed to musical masterpieces where her suffering was poetry. But what “GO GO GO”does, instead, is give the artist a break from that. And that’s definitely good for her. 

Yet the new track is a what if… what “GO GO GO” could have been if JS decided to continue with that sad wave we like so much? The answer is a no answer… basically we’ll never know. 

New album “Falling or Flying” out later this year

Meanwhile, Smith announced sophomore album ‘Falling or Flying’ will release on September 29 via streaming platform globally. Falling or Flying’ marks the artist’s first full-length album since her debut five years ago. 

To celebrate the release, Jorja Smith is holding a series of live shows in the UK. She will travel through Kingston, Nottingham, London, and Bristol from September 28 to October 9.

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