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Joji Glows Like Mercury in “YUKON (INTERLUDE)”

Interludes in albums are often forgotten or dismissed. A lot of people think “Well, this isn’t the meat and potatoes, so I’mma just give it a listen then move one.” For me, there’s been quite a few times where the Interlude has stood out among the rest in an album. Just take J. Cole’s own “i n t e r l u d e” as the highlight in this. So what do you get when an artist wants to put attention on the in-between? Well, you’d have YUKON by Joji. Let’s take a dive, shall we? 



Joji Glows Like Mercury: 

Starting things off with the same note “ATTENTION” ended off on… Joji really opened doors I thought I had closed. Moving on, this track really sets the mood for the next LP by the man. He takes a page from the amazing talent: Frank Ocean, and uses cars to describe various moods and issues he’s facing. Specifically, Joji is avoiding someone he cares about. 

As for the vibe and music, I’m really excited for this upcoming piece if this approach is continued. Why? Well, one YouTube commenter put it best when he wrote: 


“Finally we’re getting the ballads 1 vibe but mixed with nectar”. 


This is a perfect summary of how this song plays out (ha!) and I for one am all for it. Ballads 1 had a deeply melancholy and sincere approach but suffered from a lack of finesse in production. As for Nectar, it felt like a step in the right direction and had some really fantastic tunes! Seems like SMITHEREENS will be one to keep an eye on for. It’s expected to release on November 4th this year! 

And that’s a wrap! For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.

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