Johnny Yukon is Back “Soon”er Than Expected

Los Angeles-based rising artist Johnny Yukon is back with his latest single from his upcoming album Flight Plan 001, “Soon.”

Flight Plan 001 is out on August 20

Johnny Yukon is getting ready for the release of his sophomore album Flight Plan 001 on August 20. With the album release just around the corner, he decided to give fans one last single before the album comes out. 

Although “soon” is only the second song that has been put on streaming platforms so far – after “Mystery” came out last month – Johnny has actually been sharing songs from the album on his YouTube channel ever since 2018! The album will feature these fan-favorites such as “Night Like This,” “Grow,” and “Climate”. Also, some songs he shared in 2020 like “Yes” and “81 Nights.”

Johnny Loves the Simplicity of “Soon”

“Soon” is a very soothing, relaxing track. Johnny’s appeasing vocals make the song ideal for a chill night. In the lyrics, she expresses missing that special someone who he has a complicated relationship with. “But I still see a vision when it’s you. I get this feelin’ when I think it through. I feel the distance when I’m touchin’ you. Still wonder who you been up talkin’ to. And maybe this ain’t worth it. Maybe this ain’t workin’ anymore. You say I deserved it. And maybe I ain’t worth it anymore,” he sings in the chorus.

About “Soon,” Johnny shared, “When I first heard Jenius’ beat for ‘Soon’ it took me to another world. It felt like I was floating in an ocean on another planet. I didn’t even wanna do too much to distract from the music. I love the simplicity of the song.”

The music video for “Soon” features the singer being a fisherman who drowns in his thoughts while trying to do his job. When announcing the news on his Instagram account, Johnny shared the story of how the music video came to light. “We shot this video overnight in the ocean on a cold night in March. It was brutal and not easy by any means. Huge love to everyone who took the time to make it happen.”

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