Jhené Aiko Releases Christmas Single “Wrap Me Up”

Jhené Aiko, a growing R&B artist, releases a Christmas single, “Wrap Me Up” on December 17, 2021. This romantic, beautiful track tells the story of Christmas love and nostalgia.

Jhené Aiko’s Love in Christmas Single “Wrap Me Up”

Jhené Aiko sings about someone she loves in her new released Christmas single, “Wrap Me Up.” Holidays are often a time when people get together with the ones who they love the most. The love Aiko sings of here is clearly romantic. Because the setting of the song is during the holiday season, her feelings for said person are likely intensified. Although Aiko implies that she is still with this person, she also reminisces about time spent with them last year.

Lyrical Breakdown of “Wrap Me Up”

The beginning of Jhené Aiko’s newly released single, “Wrap Me Up” starts out with a precious memory. For example, “Visions of you have been all in my head/This time last year you were in my bed.” This is an obvious demonstration of her missing this person she sings about. She then goes on to say “Told me you loved me and never forget/Every December you’d make sure you’re here/So I pray as soon as I wake/That we spend today up under each other.” Perhaps, this message of Aiko’s implies that she is now in a different situation with this person. Based on the rest of the song, they seem to still be on good terms. However, it is possible that a temporary distance is keeping them apart for now.

Whatever the circumstances are between Aiko and her lover, the holidays make separation extra hard to deal with. This is understandable because as said before, it’s ideal for everyone to be with the people they love during holidays. Perhaps, she plans to reunite with them soon given the happily romantic tone of the entire track.

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