Jasmine Thompson Thinks About the Future in “after goodbye”

English singer-songwriter Jasmine Thompson released her third single of the year. “after goodbye” is a sweet ballad about a lost love where she reflects on what’s next for her.

Jasmine Finds Comfort in a Friend in the “after goodbye” Music Video

You might know Jasmine from her 2018 hit alongside DJ Felix Jaehn “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)”; which accumulated millions of streams across the globe. But that’s not all that Jasmine has to offer. 

Sharing tons of new music this year, Jasmine is back with a brand new single. “after goodbye” arrives at the heels of the beautiful melodies “happy for you” and “already there,” released a couple of months ago.

In this single Jasmine expresses leaving behind a relationship and not thinking about how much it will hurt later on. “I saw you at a coffee shop where we used to go. You looked good like you got some sun but you weren’t alone. Six whole months later, I shouldn’t be surprised. Guess I just never thought about what comes after. After goodbye,” she sings in the heartbreaking ballad.

Nevertheless, the music video sees Jasmine finally finding comfort in a close friend, who helps her feel better about losing that special person. They walk around on the beach watching the sunset, hugging each other, and looking happy. “‘after goodbye’ is a video capturing the feeling of sadness after a breakup and how you can find comfort in friends,” she shares of the visual while speaking with Flood Magazine. 

She continues, “The director, Melody [Maker], took me and an old friend, Luke, to the beach and we captured some really beautiful candid moments. We just danced the whole day and had such a wonderful time—it’s like a time capsule I can always look back on.”

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