Japanese Breakfast Releases New Single and Video

“Posing In Bondage” Drops

Japanese Breakfast dropped a new single and an accompanying music video off her upcoming album. The singer’s real name is Michelle Zauner, but Japanese Breakfast is her solo project. As part of this musical endeavor, she has put out two studio albums: Psychopomp and Soft Sounds from Another Planet. Jubilee, her third album, comes out in June. Fans are getting excited for it’s release because to this new single.

The musician’s most popular single is “Everybody Wants to Love You” off her debut album. But Zauner is set on overriding its popularity with this latest release. “Posing In Bondage” sounds more mature than before. It is still a nice mix of indie rock and alt pop, though.

The new single, “Posing In Bondage,” is deep. It’s a tune that burns slowly, but is enjoyable. While drawing on the singer-songwriter’s complicated emotions for her lover, it leads up to a concluding crescendo. It’s relief-inducing to eventually get to.

Interestingly, the song is not actually new, but is a revisit to older Japanese Breakfast music. The star admits that wrote “Posing in Bondage” back in 2018 after she released her second album. That album includes hits like “Road Head” and “Diving Woman.”

This new song didn’t fit the vibe she wanted, so she shelved it until now.

The music video for this single is a horror film. It is short and trippy, taking place entirely in a rundown gas station. Unsettling flickers of cheap fluorescent lights add to the haunting aspect. Zauner sports a strange, supervillain-esque outfit while covered in fake blood. The only other person in the video is another woman who feeds her ramen.

More Japanese Breakfast – Coming Soon

Zauner discussed the new single and music video in a livestream on the song’s release day. She answered fan questions on everything from past work and her personal life to the upcoming album. There was also confirmation that another single is coming out soon, among other noteworthy answers featured below.

[On why she chose the name Japanese Breakfast when she is Korean artist] “This was a really long time ago and I had no idea this many people would listen to my band, so I [saw an anime GIF online] and was like, ‘This is a nice image of a Japanese Breakfast, I’ll name my band that.'”

[On why did she decided to name the album Jubilee] “I named the album Jubilee because it is an album about joy. After writing two albums about grief and trauma and suffering, I wanted to write something on the total opposite end of the spectrum. The fruit on the cover are persimmons, which are popular in East Asia. They start off as really vibrant, but are a hard, tough, bitter fruit. Then they’ll mature into sweet, soft, dried fruit. And I thought it was a really lovely metaphor, being known for the narrative of grief… but letting my environment mature me into something sweeter.”

Fans are intrigued by this sweeter sound, as it is new for the singer.

Zauner also announced tour dates for concerts beginning this fall. You can purchase tickets here. Fans can also preorder or stream Japanese Breakfast’s upcoming album here.

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