Jake Manzi Releases Introspective New Single “Bad In You”

Jake Manzi Puts Emotions On Display

On April 2, Jake Manzi, a Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter, released his second single “Bad in You.” This comes from his debut album Whatever My Heart Allows. The amazing new single features vocals from Grammy-nominated guitarist and pop singer Madison Cunningham. 


A little over a month later, on May 7, Manzi released the debut album, Whatever My Heart Allows. Consisting of 10 tracks, his new single “Bad In You” comes in at number four on the track list. Right in the middle! The album contains contributions from Don Was, Griffin, and Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes), Cunninghman, as well as Mikaela Davis.


Under The Radar says that “Manzi has that coveted songwriting talent of translating personal heartbreak into universal writing that will hit anyone at their core.” Below are a few lyrics from “Bad In You,” so you can feel this yourself. (Fans are loving the emotion… and so are we.)


“You come home big when you feel small. Sometimes I wish you wouldn’t come home at all, because you’ll just light another and walk away, save tomorrow for another day. Ooh, you know it scares me, too. Ooh, that I only see the bad in you.”


Jake Manzi’s lyrics are a reflection of his inner pain and heartaches. He is able to connect so well with his listeners because everyone is able to relate to pain and heartache in one way or another. Fans love listening to an artist that is vulnerable about how they feel, because it could make them feel less alone in their own feelings.


Artists – and influencers – love to portray a picture-perfect façade, so it feels comforting to hear these words. It’s nice when the artist you listen to or look up to is able to examine and share their own shortcomings. Being relatable is great in art.


Am I Able to Listen Live?

Yes, you are! Jake Manzi will be performing this summer at the Huntington Summer Music Series. Beginning on July 12 in Massachusetts, Manzi’s home state, the Huntington Summer Music Series will kick off with a picnic and concert. However, fans will have to wait until August 23 if they want to see Manzi perform. This concert series is sponsored by the Huntington Community Events Committee and the Huntington Cultural Center. They are who fans need to thank for the show being free! 


Listen to “Bad In You” below before heading to the free live show!

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