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IVE Releases New EP “I’VE MINE”

Courtesy of Starship Entertainment

K-pop supergroup IVE released their highly anticipated new EP I’VE MINE on Friday, October 13th. The sextuplet group has dominated the charts since their debut in 2021 and this EP is no different. Debuting in the top 30 on iTunes US, the artists have proved they’re a global phenomenon.

“Either Way”

I’VE MINE consists of six songs that showcase IVE’s most versatile project to date. The first pre-release track is “Either Way.” It conveys a dark tone that contrasts with their previous work. The track is about self-acceptance and love for others without society’s judgments. It encompasses a slow beat with outstanding vocals that make the track shine. IVE has made confident songs before, but they are usually in relation to some kind of love interest.

This song admirably evokes self-love and diminishes negative opinions. The message the group conveys in this song is about authenticity and comfort in their own skin. The “Either Way” music video could be a short film with its polished acting. Tears streaming down the girls’ faces, which turn into gleaming smiles, represent embracing the characteristics criticized by the public.

“Off The Record”

“Off The Record” serves as the second pre-release single, comprising a chill vibe and an easy listen. The song discusses the clock striking 2 a.m. The singers want to have vulnerable, private, deep conversations with their lovers. Taking off their emotional armor, the girls want to have confidential conversations. I like the idea of this intimate side being reflected in the track, and the vocals are top-tier in this song. The stacked vocals and high notes hit in this song were impressive.

Besides “Baddie,” this is easily my favorite off of I’VE MINE. I liked the concept for this song and the vocal showcase stood out. The music video for “Off The Record” shows the members whispering to each other, which ties into the meaning of the song: secret conversations that are shared between two people. The aesthetic of the video is contrasting between dark and light camera shots. The music video is a great representation of the song, and their record company has done a great job blending the tracks with the videos.


Finally, on October 13th, the title track “Baddie” dropped with the rest of the 4 tracks on the EP. The title “Baddie” is exactly what you think it’s about: being a bad girl and wreaking havoc. The chorus begins, “I’m a baddie, ba-ba-baddie, baddie pretty little risky baddie.” The trap beat and layered vocals make this song instantly catchy. “Baddie” is a good song that stands out from the rest of the EP because of how different it sounds. I’VE MINE has more of a chiller vibe, but this song is intense and in your face.

Starship Entertainment does a good job of making sure their discography includes different sounds and different concepts. In the accompanying music video, the members are dangerous cat girls who are taking over the world. The music video is chaotic, which correlates directly to the track. It’s not their best title track, but listeners can appreciate the attempt at a new sound, and the rappers of the group really glisten on this track.

Overview of I’VE MINE

I’VE MINE is a decent EP with three stand-out tracks: “Either Way,” “Off The Record” and “Baddie.” The 4 other songs sound lackluster and like a typical B-side of IVE. The EP is catchy overall but could use some uniqueness. This release was solid, but it doesn’t compare to their first full-length album I’VE IVE, which had spectacular B-sides that solidified the group as a force to be reckoned with.

This was a small taste of their capabilities; they have the potential to be an “it” group if they aren’t deemed one already. It was surprising that the pre-releases took a different approach instead of the high-energy songs that had been released beforehand. The energy was reserved for the title track with a trap sound that suited the two rappers astonishingly. The more concepts IVE tackles, the more they will grow as worldwide superstars.

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