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Introducing d4vd: Gen Z’s Newest Alternative Rock Sensation!

d4vd has finally welcomed 2024 with the release of Withering, a two-pack single album that features the two brand new tracks “Leave Her” and “2016.” The 18-year-old singer-songwriter recently became known thanks to the virality of his songs, especially “Romantic Homicide” and “Here With Me,” which together have almost two billion streams on Spotify. But for those who haven’t heard of him… we’ll leave you to the short introduction below.

Who is d4vd?

David Anthony Burke, aka d4vd, is the newest Gen Z alternative rock star of the moment. While still in his teens, he began posting videos of himself playing Fortnite and, later, in 2021, took his first steps in the music world.

After some successful indie-pop productions (“You and I.” “Life’s a Dream.” “Take Me to the Sun“), he released a much deeper and darker track, “Romantic Homicide.”

The song went viral and by that September had peaked at number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100, leading to a deal with Darkroom Records. And now this double release, Withering.

Retro Vibes & Modern Love

Both “Leave Her” and “2016” are relationship-driven songs exploring various themes and music genres. They carry a retro vibe from the early 2000s mixed with a unique twist from d4vd’s artistry. He’s definitely a “one to watch” for the years to come.

This new generation of artists is not to be left behind, and the “TikTok singer” appellation doesn’t fully capture the talent of d4vd.

Trying not to fall behind on trends? Then give Withering a shot before it’s too late.

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