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Inside Hippo Campus’ New EP “Wasteland”

As announced, Hippo Campus’ new EP has dropped. After the release of their surprise last single “Moonshine,” the band dropped their long-awaited new album, Wasteland. Creative, inspired, and jovial, Wasteland comes as the most predictable yet most original EP Hippo Campus could release.

Discover with us the Minnesota alternative rock band’s new release.

Credit: Hippo Campus’ EP Wasteland album cover – artwork and design by Julian Gross


The fourth, long awaited album of the indie rock band Hippo Campus just came out, and as predicted, it hit the right strings to make it one of the best from the band’s discography. Versatile, creative, and inspired, Hippo Campus’ Wasteland is the perfect release for their return to the studio session. Despite the five months distance between the previous studio success LP3, the band dropped an exciting and captivating record on the same level of the previous.

The five members are unstoppable and close as ever before, and it shows. The cohesive collaboration of the members allowed them to release a fun and catchy five-song album. The alternative glittering electric guitars perfectly fit with a loud bass, creating the captivating sound that characterizes the band’s personal style.

The ballad “Probably” hits harder than the rest of the album, with the lyrics’ genuine research of comfort and consolation.

She’s probably tellin’ him what she told me
Probably tellin’ him that he’s the only guy
That she’ll ever love, probably
And I’ll never love another like you, probably

“Moonshine” is undoubtedly the most memorable single from the album, with a memorable riff that is guaranteed to never leave your head. The same effect was researched for “Yippie Ki Yay.” In fact, the single ends up being the one that the band had the most fun writing and producing. Light hearted and joyous, it is an unmissable drop for any Hippo Campus fan.

In its creativity, Wasteland perfectly conforms with the band’s previous albums. It all while bringing fresh air to their discography.

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