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Go Inside Hippo Campus’ New Singles Ahead of “Wasteland” EP Release

After few weeks since their 2023 first drop, “Kick In The Teeth,” and a year since the release of their previous album, LP3, Hippo Campus returns with a new EP out these week, featuring singles like “Yippie Ki Yay” and “Moonshine.”

Yippie Ki Yay and Moonshine

On the heels of their single “Yippie Ki Yay,” Hippo Campus also released “Moonshine,” the band’s latest single that appeared on music platforms April 11th. It was the surprise we didn’t know we needed.

Fast drums in the alternative and passionate sound that identifies the sound of Hippo Campus resonate in both of the new singles.

Hits that made the band famous like “”Way It Goes” and “Buttercup” now leave space to what we’re sure are going to be two of the band’s greatest successes. And it’s not only about singles…


Infinite creativity and desire to do more are pushing the band to the release of their fourth album.

Only a few months from their latest studio album drop, Hippo Campus announced the release date of wasteland. On April 14th, the band will finally share the EP with eager fans. The five members are unstoppable and close as ever before, and we’re ready to discover what they created for us.

Picture taken by: Brit O'Brien
“you would be right to think that these pictures have no business being this good. why are they so good? who chooses such to bless such undeserving subjects? @britobrien does. when will she wise up and move on to greener pastures? hopefully never. yippie ki yay is still out and it still slaps like a horses rear. listen now. lots of love”
Picture taken by: Brit O’Brien
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