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Indie Singer Moy Opens for Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Discover Scottish indie singer and songwriter Moy, and get ready for his European tour supporting indie rock alternative Rainbow Kitten Surprise.

Discover Moy

Before the start of their supporting tour, the artist dropped his latest single, “Thank God for Mental Illness.” Since his first release, single “Start Me Up,” the artist has developed an alternative indie rock merged with ’90s grunge vibe that led to the final creation of “Thank God for Mental Illness.” Syncopated rhythm, strong guitars, and heavy drums on catchy melodic music lines make the song the perfect single to get to know Moy and their sound.

Leaving Auckland, New Zealand and arriving to the UK – first in London and later on in Glasgow – Moy made his way through the Scottish music scene with a unique sound that merges hard rock and grunge influences with soft pop melodic music. His first single, 2019 “Start Me Up,” was only the beginning of his music dream. With the onset of COVID and quarantine, the artist started releasing more and more art, paving his way to listeners’ hearts. Singles like “No Talk’s The Best Chat” and “At My Door” became an immediate success. These singles – and many more – introduced the artist to the larger public.

European Supporting Tour

The Glasgow-based singer and songwriter is the opening act for Rainbow Kitten Surprise. The acts are currently touring around Europe.

On his last Instagram post, Moy wrote:

“We knew well before the last show we were making life long memories and friendships. We had the time of our lives and will cherish the relationships made and moments shared together forever. Thank you @rksbandofficial for having us and to all our new fans. We loved meeting you all on this journey. Let’s do it again sometime.”

The artist so far has received only positive reviews, gaining fans from all over the continent since the beginning of the tour. The energy and incredible music performances turned the group into many’s new favorite act. Some stated:

“It was amazing seeing you in Paris and following the rest of the tour on insta! You’re my new favourite band”


“You guys were amazing. started listening to your music on Spotify since the concert in cologne”

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