Ili Releases Newest Single “2 Cool 2 Be Somebody”

ili has recently released her latest single, “2 Cool 2 Be Somebody,” and it’s wonderful, random, and freeing.

ili’s “2 Cool 2 Be Somebody”

ili 2 cool 2 be somebody cover

Scottish pop singer-songwriter ili has just dropped her newest single, “2 Cool 2 Be Somebody.” Born Emily Middlemas, ili started her music career at age nine in a band, and has spent the rest of her life evolving in her music and music identity. For example, in 2016, she came in 4th place on the 13th season of The X Factor. Currently, she has EPs with over 250,000 streams on Spotify!

To get back to the point, “2 Cool 2 Be Somebody” is a retro-sounding song with different elements of modern music. Its groovy, catchy drumbeat complements ili’s dreamlike vocals. Even more, her voice is light and airy on the track, and she plays a little vocal distortion and filters. Also, the song is very atmospheric: spacey, roomy, and wide open.

The Music Video For “2 Cool 2 Be Somebody”

Further, ili’s music video for the song is very calm, but also a little random. The soft, almost pastel colors provide that calmness and serene feeling. Whereas, the colorful ghosts with sunglasses on portray that weirder, random, unexpected vibe.

In the music video description on YouTube, ili wrote a little message to her fans.

ili press release image 4 2 cool 2 be somebody

“Hey, it’s ili here! I wrote my new single ‘2 Cool 2 Be Somebody’ for the outcasts, the weird and wonderful people out there who just want to have fun in life! In today’s society, there is a lot of people who focus on being ‘too cool’ and lose touch with their true personality. Too cool to dance in the streets, wear crazy and colourful clothes, shout from the top of their lungs at the edge of a cliff. To simply, be free. Life is too short to judge others for being themselves. Being weird is cool, being yourself is cool. Don’t be 2 cool 2 be somebody xx.”

Check out the music video for “2 Cool 2 Be Somebody” below!

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