Ice Spice Jumps on Taylor Swift’s ‘Karma’ Remix

Ice Spice may have struck gold on her recent A-list collaboration spree with Taylor Swift’s “Karma” remix. The new “Karma” remix is part of Swift’s celebratory Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition), which also includes more Lana Del Rey on “Snow On The Beach,” “Hits Different” and From The Vault-exclusive “You’re Losing Me.”

There’s one caveat: “You’re Losing Me” is a CD track exclusively sold at her East Rutherford, NJ stadium shows.

@taylorerastour THEY PERFORMED TOGETHER OMG! #karmaremix #swiftok #ts #eastruthtstheerastour #tstheerastour #taylorswift #concert #icespice ♬ Karma (feat. Ice Spice) – Taylor Swift

Swift told iHeart Radio that “Karma” is about “feeling really happy, really proud of the way your life is, feeling like this must be a reward for doing stuff right.” According to paparazzi pictures, Swifties and Ice Spice’s nail art, the duo reworked the track between late March and early April.

“Um. SO much to tell you,” gushes Swift on Twitter about the “Karma” remix. “I’m a massive fan of this brilliant artist [Ice Spice] and after getting to know her I can confirm: she is THE ONE to watch.”

“In addition to Karma Ft Ice Spice… You asked for it, we listened: Lana and I went back into the studio specifically to record more Lana on Snow on the Beach. Love u Lana.”

Taylor Swift adds to her Twitter appreciation post

The accompanying music video shows the pair as various ethereal entities, including bedazzled planet wranglers. After Swift’s slight nod to the Roman numeral for 1989 and other Easter eggs, the up-and-coming rapper appears as a reborn Aphrodite with pearls galore.

Although skyborne, Ice Spice’s Bronx attitude sure does bring people down to earth fast with a simple Grrah. “Karma is your check’s ’boutta bounce,” she bites, “Karma is the fire in your house. And she ’boutta pop up unannounced.”

“And she never leavin’ you alone / Watch her put ya opps on a throne / Got you wavin’ pretty white flags, feenin’ for that cash / Thinkin’ it’ll save ya, now you switchin’ up your behavior / It’s okay, baby, you ain’t gotta worry, karma never gets lazy.”

Ice Spice on “Karma” by Taylor Swift (ft. Ice Spice)

The “Karma” remix adds Ice Spice into Taylor Swift’s small circle of rap collaborators. The list also includes Kendrick Lamar, Future, and B.o.B.

What do you think of Ice Spice’s feature on “Karma” by Taylor Swift? Let us know in the comments!

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