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Hyra Captures Electric Love And Nightlife in “REM (No Sleep)”

Hyra- REM (No Sleep)

“REM (No Sleep)”

Singer and filmmaker Hyra channels early 2000’s hyperpop for her new single “REM (No Sleep).” The track released on August 5th utilizes EDM sounds to create an upbeat dance track with heavy nostalgia. Hyra cites Pop stars Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Charli XCX as three of her biggest influences. The 22-year-old singer doesn’t want to box herself in, as she has a passion for techno, electronic music, hip-hop and R&B music as well.  

Lyrical Analysis

In detail, “REM (No Sleep)” is about the obsession and high of falling in love. No matter when or where you can’t get them off your mind, to where they show up in your dreams. Hyra has trouble sleeping because of the excitement and energy from being in love with this person. “She’s a caffeinated princess full of regret/Of a night that led into dawn.” “REM (No Sleep)” tells a story of late nights being consumed by electric love. Late nights mixed with love make you do crazy things. “If I makе it past my bedtime, I can spend some time with you/There are certain things that only after hours make me do.” 

Music Video

Furthermore, the music video captures the nightlife experience of partying at the club until till dawn. Hyra begins the video with her and the dancers in a white room dressed in white clothing. Then it soon transitions to a black room and black outfits. When you think of clubs you picture a hot, sweaty dance floor with drinks, couples making out and dancing the night away. That is exactly the experience Hyra and her friends recreate in the video. Men lock lips, the outfits are sexy, and the choreography is on point. Overall, the video is an accurate portrayal of the party lifestyle. 


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