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HUNNY Releases New Single “Speed Dial” with EP On The Way

HUNNY Releases “Speed Dial” in Excitement for New EP “Homesick”

“Speed Dial”

Released on May 10th, 2022 HUNNY once again shows the world their unique style with “Speed Dial”. This new single song breaks the barriers of HUNNY’s previous music by paying tribute to pop-punk’s 80s and 90s sound. “Speed Dial” is a fast pace get-up and dance kind of jam track. “Speed Dial” is a song to get fans excited for HUNNY’s newest EP “Homesick”. 



Not like it matters but

I’m feeling better ’cause

You got my number on

Signed in, signed out

Speed dial number one

All accounts

But you got my number on

Speed dial number one



Produced by Carlos de la Garza “Speed Dial” is a first taste of the HUNNY’s upcoming EP Homesick, out July 22nd via Epitaph Records. This EP is a follow-up to their 2019 debut album, “YES. YES. YES. YES.” HUNNY is breaking boundaries by dipping their indie/pop-punk sounds with a mix of 80’s and 90’s alternative rock. 



“It’s become increasingly collaborative as the band has gone on.” 

HUNNY is a four-piece band with So-Cal Influences from The Cure, The Strokes, and The Killers to make a well-crafted “post-punk tinged pop” genre as explained by The Last.FM. Composed of lead singer and guitarist Jason Yager, guitarist Jake Goldstin, drummer Joey Anderson, and bassist/ keyboard player Kevin Grimmett. 


“Speed Dial” music video, which can be seen below. Fans can pre-order Homesick now, here.


HUNNY has been in the grinder! Working demo after demo. Creating about 100 demos since the start of the pandemic, the band says these demos are being turned into what will be Homesick. 

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