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Has Sigrid Lived Up To “The Hype”?

International artist Sigrid has just dropped her must-listen heartthrob track, “The Hype,” on August 11th.

No Happily Ever Afters for Sigrid

In her first single of the year, Norwegian artist Singrid has just released a fast-paced, euphoric song revolving around the insecurities that arise after a break-up. Despite the upbeat sound, “The Hype” delves into the bitter endings of a relationship. After the novelty of love has worn off, Singrid is left wondering if she lived up to “The Hype” of being a trophy girlfriend. This message is emphasized throughout the song in the chorus:

“Did you ever love me, did you ever love me? / Honestly, did I live up to the hype? / ‘Cause you held me, held me like a trophy / Then left the party when the magic died, yeah”

-Chorus of “The Hype”

“The Hype” is very much aligned with Sigrid’s sound, maintained with gritty and memorable lyrics. As the first track that the singer has helped produced, it’s a standout that shines in more ways than one. The strength of her vocals throughout the song conveys many messages. Not only is it representative of her artistry and skills, but it also symbolizes the message of staying strong throughout trials and tribulations. It displays vulnerability. And that vulnerability is the very essence that “The Hype” picks at, line by line.

As for outside of relationships, if Sigrid is wondering if she’s lived up to the hype thus far in her career, then we respond with a resounding “yes.”

Check out the visualizer for “The Hype” down below:

Artist Profile: Sigrid

Sigrid’s breakthrough came with the release of her EP “Don’t Kill My Vibe.” This was the first time in which she showcased her ability to blend pop with emotional lyricism. Her debut studio album, “Sucker Punch,” later followed in 2019, further solidifying her reputation as an artist to watch. Tracks like “Strangers” and “Sucker Punch” became anthems for our generation. Sigrid became an artist that fans turned to for strength and comfort. Her songs have always been about embracing individuality and empowerment. And that’s the key to becoming a memorable artist in a sea of singers trying to make it. Sigrid’s on the right track, and if she wasn’t on your artist radar already, we sure hope she is now.

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