Half• alive Is Fully Awake On New Single

A Daring New Era

“The tuxedo era has begun. Welcome to it,” Half• alive boldly stated on Instagram just before dropping their new single, “What’s Wrong,” last week.

“People often make up their minds pretty quickly about an artist’s sophomore release solely based off the first single. So it feels like the stakes are higher now & the song’s message has to be that much clearer,” Josh Taylor wrote in the description of the band’s captivating music video.

Using 2020 as a year to think, process, and reflect on their music, as many had that year, Half• alive wrote this song with the help of production duo Ojivolta. The producing partners have worked for Halsey, Shawn Mendes, and Jon Bellion.

This band sought to create an honest response to the year that 2020 gave us. They were forced to confront the stack of problems that piled up over the months of chaos.

“Times right to fix what’s wrong” means that we have the ability to transform our immediate and eventually global environment by looking inward first. Looking in the mirror and realizing the inward journey needed is likely where real change is going to begin. This band is talking all about that.

Sounds like half• alive is taking things seriously with this upcoming album. To see them reach out to such talented musicians and create such an intricate song with their dancing is exciting to watch.


Half• alive Are Continuing Their Journey

The trio from Long Beach, California – Josh Taylor on vocals, Brett Kramer on drums, and J Tyler Johnson on bass – officially came to life in 2019. Their debut album Now, Not Yet sparked buzz with the breakout hits “still feel” and “RUNAWAY.”

After touring for most of 2019, half• alive used lockdown as a chance to rest. They even found time to release the EP “in Florescence,” an audio and visual project that included orchestral arrangements of four tracks from their critically acclaimed debut. They also had videos to accompany them.

Now half• alive has a fire underneath them and are getting ready to give us a fully thought-out sophomore project.

In addition to them working on this new project, the band is also scheduled later this year to perform. In September 2021 they will also be performing live at the Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, NV. We’re all excited for that.

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