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Hailey Whitters’ “Fillin’ My Cup” Is Your Dose of Optimism

(Already) The Most Heartwarming Song of the Year

Hailey Whitters’ “Fillin’ My Cup” is a lighthearted hit that is made for everything from road trips to shower concerts. It’s country, it’s pop, and it’s beautifully written for everyone and anyone to enjoy. It follows up the singer’s 2020 sophomore release, the critically acclaimed The Dream.


For the second time in her young career, Hailey Whitters has teamed up with Little Big Town. Her latest single, “Fillin’ My Cup”, kick-started the new year. The single dropped on the first of January and the video followed the following Monday. 


Hailey Whitters “Fillin’ My Cup” is an overly optimistic country pop song, but in the best way possible. The singer-songwriter is able to tell a story and evoke emotion even within the most upbeat of lyrics.  Being happy does not mean there’s nothing left to look forward to. Every day there’s a chance to ‘fill your cup’ with just a little bit more joy and hope.


The on-the-rise country starlet wrote this song with Hillary Lindsey and Nicolle Galyon. Together they crafted a track that can be read as a recipe. That’s right, in addition to goosebump-rising harmonies and heartwarming vocals, is the recipe to life. 


“I wrote this song with Hillary Lindsey and Nicolle Galyon. I’d had the title for a while, but then Nicolle had the brilliant idea to turn the lyric into a recipe,” Whitters told Sounds like Nashville. “It’s a concoction of all of those little things in life that have a way of making my glass feel half-full. It’s been a hopeful reminder throughout the year and just felt like the right note to start 2021 on.”


Hailey Whitters’ “Fillin’ My Cup” Brought to Life

The toe tapping anthem has a modern message set to a twangy vintage tune. Hailey Whitters’ “Fillin’ My Cup” is what everyone needs to hear in 2021. Then, to keep the momentum of a happy, fun year, they need to watch the music video. 


The music video is the story of a southern belle who puts her own happiness first. A runaway Bride, a pickup truck, and adorable small town locals add to the charm of this new track. Of course, a cameo with featured band Little Big Town round out the video.


Whitters also co-wrote Little Big Town’s “Happy People” in 2017. Just over three years later, the band and pop star reunited for this equally bubbly country track..

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