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GUNNAR Says “F*ck A Broken Heart”

Rising artist GUNNAR released his newest single “F*ck a Broken Heart,” and announced that his debut album will be out soon.

Photo- (@gunnargehl Via Twitter)

GUNNAR Is Reinventing His Music

GUNNAR has been releasing music for a few years now. His early singles “Can’t Say No,” “Nobody Knows,” and “Good Enough” are all bangers. But now he’s ready to reinvent himself as an artist. Previously known as Gunnar Gehl, he’s now ready to make his breakthrough in the music industry with a completely new sound.

An Alternative Rock Track

“F*ck a Broken Heart” gives us the first taste of this new era. From the song, we can see that GUNNAR is opting for more of a classic alternative rock sound, diverging from his older dance-pop music. Nevertheless, his strong vocals match with the new music perfectly, as well as the electric guitar accompanying him.

The music video for “F*uck a Broken Heart” shows us how good of a musician GUNNAR is. He plays the guitar with his band by his side. And at the same time, it highlights his acting skills, as he portrays a patient at a hospital who’s getting an open-heart surgery due to – you guessed it: having a broken heart.

“F*ck a Broken Heart’ is a song about the goal keeper no longer being at the goal post,” GUNNAR explains. “It’s about finally syncing up with the person that you have been waiting for. There was a person that I had known for a long time – we just had chemistry with each other from the jump, but the timing never worked out. When she finally got out of the wrong relationship she had been in, I didn’t want her to be sad or heartbroken at all. It was finally time for her and I to have what we had been yearning for.”

GUNNAR’s debut album, Best Mistake, will arrive on February 24. Brendan O’Brien (The Killers, Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against The Machine) steps in as the producer. Will you be listening?

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