Gracie Abrams Shares Thoughtful “Alright”

Pop artist Gracie Abrams released her latest single “Alright” off her newly-released debut album This Is What It Feels Like.

“Alright” is the Song all Young People Can Relate to

“Alright” is a dreamy ballad where Gracie shares her feelings about being insecure about the future. It’s a song that everyone who is unsure of what they are going to do after high school or college can relate to. I know I do! In the lyrics, she reflects: “What if I never move out? I’d live in the basement my whole life. I got the chills when I said that, I never thought of a fallback… I don’t know if I’ll be alright. What will it take to make this good? Oh, someone tell me it gets better, better, better, better. Because for tonight, I’m just not alright.” 

The song arrived last Wednesday in anticipation of her debut album, which came out on Friday. It was the perfect way to share a last piece of the album before its release. “Alright” exhibits what the thoughtful album is about – Gracie exposing her inner feelings with the world.

Gracie’s Debut Album is Out Now

Earlier last week, Gracie spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about “Alright”: “I really wanted to make a song that felt tonally reflective on the way that my mental health felt at the time, which was just, unfortunately, that darker, scarier, more intrusive thought started feeling very casual, and almost like you could just sway along with having those thoughts on your mind. I felt like I’ve written sad songs in the past that feel grim, but this one, the production and the arrangement just felt more accurate to the way that my brain was operating at the time.” 

Gracie’s debut album, This Is What It Feels Like, is out now on all platforms. With a total of 12 songs, it demonstrates what Gracie Adams has to offer and her versatility, as well as her songwriting talent. If you haven’t yet, make sure to go check it out!

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