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Gracie Abrams’ new single “Amelie”

Gracie Abrams just released her latest single “Amelie” alongside her new project, Good Riddance.

With her sophisticated light voice and powerful lyrics, Abrams caught the attention of many in 2019, when she released her singles “Alright” and “minor.” Fast forward to her latest 2021 album, This Is What It Feels Like, confirming her position in the indie pop scene. Two years went by and now she is back with new singles and a studio album to treat her fans.


With the elegant, whispered voice that made her the big artist she is, Gracie Abrams returns with a new single, “Amelie.” Extract of her new album Good Riddance, “Amelie” is the new personal and introspective. Accompanied by light acoustic guitar, the song is transparent and light. Charged with strong emotions expressed in the deep and unique lyrics that defines Abrams’ songwriting, “Amelie” is the quintessential work of art from the artist. While conveyed with soft-spoken and sophisticated manners, the songs roars loud.

“I met a girl once/ She sorta ripped me open/ She doesn’t even know it/ She doesn’t know my name” sings Abrams, narrating her encounter with a girl that changed her without her knowing it.

“We sat on the sofa/ She asked me a million questions/ I answered and by eleven/ Memorized her face.”

Good Riddance

Gracie Abrams where do we go now

Abrams described her album as one of the dearest works she has released so far. She said:

“This album means the most to me for a million different strange and complicated and delicate reasons and I’ll never have the right words to express my gratitude for the process making it. For knowing you, for trusting you with all my secrets, for learning from your wisdom and your kindness and your light. Aaron, there is no one like you. Thank you for letting me into your world. “

She added:

“I feel an unbelievable amount of gratitude for the opportunity to have made this album. Writing this record allowed me to grow up in ways I needed to. It forced me to reflect and be accountable. It allowed me to walk away from versions of myself that I no longer recognized. It allowed me to let go. 

There will never be enough words to describe the gift that is Aaron’s friendship. He is one of the very few people in this world capable of making others feel safe to their core when they are exploring the parts of themselves that are most raw. He is rare and generous. “

Good Riddance Tour

Gracie Abram’s Good Riddance Tour has just begun! The artist is going to perform in both North America, Europe and The UK.

Don’t lose the chance to see your favorite live! Make sure to get your ticket here.

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