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Goldie Vargas Takes Us On A Journey Through Heartbreak In New Single

Goldie Vargas from Beyond The Magazine Interview


20 year old singer-songwriter Goldie Vargas, fuses pop and rock to create her unique sound. Vargas released her newest single “Canyon” on Friday which features on her upcoming EP. “Canyon” details the trials and tribulations of heartbreak. The vulnerable and poetic lyrics over the acoustic guitar take you on a journey through Goldie’s stages of heartbreak. This includes missing her partner and missing the girl she was before him. Her vocals are both angelic and powerful.  

Lyrical Content

Vargas sings, “I guess the greatest love was never you cuz I’m missing me too.” Love can be beautiful. But it can also be blinding and toxic. Love takes you through a journey, and along the way you can lose yourself. You become so invested in your partner that you forget who you are. Therefore, when you separate from your partner, you’re left feeling lost and confused. You not only lost that person, but also your old self.

“Freedom was a word until he stole that like he knew its worth. The canyon’s crying but she’s just fine.” She used to feel free before this person came into her life. She was independent, free to explore herself, without being held back by someone else. The track ends with the sound of rain, symbolizing Goldie’s tears. The tears feel never ending after a breakup, and this song signifies that stuck point where you are lost and can’t stop the tears from pouring. 

Goldie’s Biggest Influences

In Goldies interview with Beyond The Magazine she states, “I love Stevie Nicks, The Stones, David Bowie…” You can hear the influence of classic rock in her music. Although, her producer adds the right chords and instruments to blend pop into the songs. 

Despite her age she finds musical inspiration in 70’s music. She loves the trippy sonics and is fascinated by the lyrics. She adds depth and meaning in her lyrics that many can relate to. In her music she has touched on her relationship issues and personal struggles with mental health.

Goldie Vargas EP

“Moving In Reverse” was a track created in the beginning of the pandemic. Goldie was met with fear, isolation and confusion like the rest of us. “Canvas” and “Moving In Reverse” as well as “Strawberry Kisses” are singles from her new EP. 

The EP was released yesterday and is guaranteed to cure your summertime sadness. 

Interview with Beyond The Stage magazine 

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