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glaive “tries her best” and returns with two new singles

Floridian singer-songwriter and record producer Ash Blue Gutierrez, musically known as glaive, returned with his fourth single of the year. After the release of “as if,” “im nothing thats all i am” and the latest “all I do is try my best,” the artist dropped his latest work “the car.” The singles came out anticipating glaive’s first full-length album, i care so much that i dont care at all.

“the car” leads to i care so much that i dont care at all

Few weeks before dropping his first full length work, glaive announced and released his fourth 2023 single, “the car.”

Since his debut during Covid-19 on SoundCloud with hyperpop hits that gave him immediate fame and following, the artist has walked a long way. It’s been in fact a long time since his first extended play, Cypress Grove, in 2020. And despite his indisputable progress and a more mature approach and result, glaive was still able to maintain the vibes and tones that led him to receive his fans’ love. The raw production on the vocals and guitars, as well as the high speed yet melodic and groovy melodies are still the core of the artist’s work, both in his singles and in the album. This resulted in a cohesive and close-knit work.

i care so much that i dont care at all saw the light few days ago, on July 14th, and was glaive’s debut album. Previously, the artist also released four collections, EPs previously mentioned Cypress Grove (2020), all dogs go to heaven (2021), then i’ll be happy (2021) and old dog, new tricks (2022).

From North America to Europe

glaive is currently on tour around the country! From the end of July to the end of October, the artist will perform for 30 nights between The United States and Canada. Starting in San Francisco, CA, on July, 27, the singer will then cross North America for almost four months until his latest date in Phoenix, AZ, on October, 7.

The Floridian artist is also set to leave soon for his European tour. The singer will perform for eight nights around the continent, three of which in The UK in Glasgow, Manchester and finally London. The tour will start on November, 11 with the British dates, heading then to continental Europe, specifically in Amsterdam, Brussel, Paris, Cologne and Berlin.

Make sure to get your ticket for one of these unmissable nights and get all the information here.

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