December 08, 2022

Georgia Comes Alive: Dawes Frontman to Perform 


Taylor Goldsmith Wants You to Get Out the Vote

Georgia Comes Alive: Dawes Frontman, Taylor Goldsmith, has signed on to perform alongside 50+ artists. The event, on December 26 at 3:00pm EST, is an all day music festival. It is a fundraiser that supports voters rights and Georgia Grassroots Organizations. 


Georgia Comes Alive is airing through Live for Live Music and in partnership with HeadCount. Both organizations put people and their interests first, whether it be the right to vote, a rock concert, or both. It is being streamed by


Taylor Goldsmith is a singer-songwriter and father-to-be. His wife, This Is Us’ Mandy Moore, is expecting their first child, a boy, in the coming weeks. If anyone is putting people first, it’s Goldsmith, who wants to implement a fair political climate for his son’s future.


Even before the impending life change, Goldsmith has been pro-voting and used his platform to promote that. On Election Day in 2018, the musician captioned an Instagram photo with, “Today’s the day. Be brave. Be bold. Don’t believe the polls. Go vote.”


His band, Dawes, is a folk rock band with hints of Americana lacing through their sound. It’s classic, authentic, and heartwarming. Their message, as seen through activism, is the same. Goldsmith and his bandmates want a better world socially, politically, and culturally. 



Georgia Comes Alive: Dawes Frontman Continues to Musically Advocate

Prior to Georgia Comes Alive: Dawes frontman, Goldsmith, collaborated with both Live for Live Music and HeadCount. The festival was titled “Democracy Comes Alive” and also included a lineup of fan favorite musical acts. It aired prior to the 2020 president election.


Goldsmith took to the festival with just a guitar, his voice, and some hope. Appropriately, he performed an acoustic rendition of “Free As We Wanna Be,” off their 2020 record, GOOD LUCK WITH WHATEVER. The performance was stripped down and melodic.


Both Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith are outspoken in their art, on their socials, and in their personal lives. The actress and singer shared many resources during the 2020 about how, when, and where to vote. Additionally, she sat down to chat with Stacy Abrams in November ahead of the election. On Election Day, Moore caption an Instagram photo with a positive message about voting. “Let’s make history. Please exercise your right (if you haven’t already). Use your voice and vote. Stay in line!”


Join Dawes, Foo Fighters, Diplo, and so many more musicians on Saturday, 12/26 to raise awareness for voter suppression. For tickets, fundraising information, and the full lineup, visit



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