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Fridayy is Filled with Gratitude On His Self-Titled Sophomore LP

Philadelphia rapper, singer and songwriter on the rise by the name of Fridayy releases his self-titled sophomore album. Last year, he had his big break with his Grammy-nominated contribution on DJ Khaled’s “God Did.”

Fridayy Shares Personal Stories On Latest LP

With a distinct vocal tone and vibrato, Fridayy is established as one of R&B’s upcoming stars. Fridayy the LP sees the 2023 XXL Freshman tell stories of trauma, resilience, religion, loyalty, betrayal and more. Fridayy’s strong faith in God is prominent in the intro track “Came Too Far,” recalling his troubled past. “I was thirteen the first time I seen a cold face / Every night my momma prayin’ that I’m okay / Ain’t believe that we will make it to the front page / Now we pop out in the city, they gon’ scream my name.” Fridayy’s mom joins her son and gospel collective Maverick City Music for the final chorus, praying to God in French. The vocalist attributes his resilience to God.

From Heartache To Love

Fridayy shares about his love life in the following tracks. For example, in “Heart On The Line,” he invests himself in a relationship while he loses himself in the meantime. “I let you in / Confessed all my sins / Would’ve thought I was blinded by the way that you lead me on,” he sings. In contrast, Fridayy is smitten on “When It Comes To You” and promises not to waste her time. 

Philadelphia rapper, singer and songwriter on the rise by the name of Fridayy, releases his self-titled sophomore album. 
Fridayy. ‘Fridayy’ Album Cover Art.

Furthermore, the “God Did” singer has tunnel vision for a love interest on “You” featuring Afrobeats artist Fireboy DML. “You” sees him sing the chorus, “They be on my line, but I only want you / I’ma push decline when they try to buzz through.” 

Although, love is never exempt from complications, as the couple encounters some bumps in the road on “DGIA 2.” He acknowledges past mistakes and miscommunication, but insists he’s “done with the games.”

Coping With Fame

Fridayy keeps himself grounded by praying to God. “I sense the jealousy / Can’t stop my destiny / I pray my soul’s at peace / Lost in these melodies,” he sings in “3AM In NY.” He grapples with fame and betrayal on “Lost My Way” where he is at a crossroads in life. “Don’t wanna see me here / Ain’t tryna take it there / But this s**t got a hold on me / I think I lost my way / I’m tryna find my way.” The track sees Fridayy jaded by the betrayal of his loved ones. “S**t be gettin’ dangerous, swear, I never wanted to be famous / Know I’ve been goin’ through some changes, I know / But baby, please don’t let it change us.”

In the final tracks, Fridayy touches on grief and loss, like on the vulnerable “Church On Sunday.” But, he ends the album on a grateful note, thanking God for all his blessings on the outro. 

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