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Featured Artist: 99Makaveli, TikTok Star & Star Producer

In the past few months, the LA-based producer 99Makaveli has struck gold—finding a reliable formula for huge view counts with her “make a beat with me” video series. Though that might be the more easily digestible half of her career, it shouldn’t take away from the major moves she’s made in the studio, earning serious co-signs from some of rap’s most promising talents.

Also central to Mak’s online presence is the unique perspective of a woman in a male-dominated industry. Often explored in ironic or light-hearted ways in her TikToks, it still comes from a place of genuine experience and care. She expanded on that herself when she spoke to image-line, saying in her work she “looks forward to having a positive influence on young female creatives.” More than that, the behind-the-scenes series gives a rarely seen “inside baseball” look at the creative process of crafting modern hip-hop. The now multi-instrumentalist has shown off her burgeoning guitar skills that have found their way into her pieces, as well as samples from her own singing that serve as the foundation for many 99Makaveli beats.

99Makaveli’s Knack for the Melodic Side of Rap…

As you’d expect when scrolling through her online presence, rife with diverse beat challenges that range from country drill to Brazilian funk to pop rock, her official releases cover a ton of ground. Prominently featured on her official page is Dre Six’s “Last Night in LA,” a breezy piece of melodic rap fit with an emotive piano loop and somber guitar lines.

That R&B lean continues in “So Many Reasons” by Lawsy, one of the most popular Makaveli-produced tracks. The 15-year-old rapper makes sure to include the obligatory “rags to riches” rhymes, but keeps constant a romantic center on this one, complemented and accentuated well by 99Makaveli’s production. A 90s-like sample is in the forefront here, a key & pad chord progression that evokes a nostalgic atmosphere, which serves as the perfect backdrop for Lawsy’s performance. And in a tentative yet encouraging moment, one of her beats made its way to Khalid via a producer summit interview, when one of the featured panelists was enamored with a laidback, soulful piece she played and brought it into a session with the “Location” singer.

Taken from @99makaveli on Instagram.

…As Well as the Aggressive Side

Throughout all of those divergences, it’s clear that her home base is in drill music: aggressive, energetic production that often carries the characteristic 808 bends that mark the sub-genre. That earned Makaveli her biggest placement yet—Harlem rapper DD Osama grabbed one of her beats for his song “4148,” a joint single with, and unfortunately a tribute to, his frequent collaborator, the late Edot Babyy. Makavelli’s contributions here provide the perfect canvas for the two young NYC standouts to showcase their all-world talent.

Even in discussing the many official releases under 99Makaveli’s belt, we’re underselling her work ethic. She’s simply always at work—something you can see for yourself on her social media profiles. And of course, you can find all the music discussed here on streaming platforms everywhere.

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