December 08, 2022

Florence + The Machine Releases Hit Album “Dance Fever”


English indie rock band Florence + The Machine has released their hottest new album: Dance Fever.

Florence + The Machine’s “Dance Fever”

Grammy-nominated band Florence + The Machine recently dropped their newest alternative pop album, Dance Fever. The 14-track album is the band’s 5th studio album. Haunting vocals and powerful instrumentals fill Dance Fever to the brim. Regardless of creating it during quarantine, Florence + The Machine produced a masterpiece.

Dance Fever Florence + The Machine cover
Dance Fever Album Cover

According to Billboard’s Lars Brandle, Dance Fever is the best-selling title in both digital and physical form; it has over 26,000 chart sales. As a result, the album is currently at the top of the U.K. charts. Brandle says, “Dance Fever (via Polydor) leads the Official Albums Chart Update.” It’s been on the leaderboard since its release. As long as it stays at the top, Florence + The Machine will soon have their fourth chart-leading album. Three of the band’s previous albums earned them their first chart leaders: LungsCeremonials, and How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

At the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, Florence + The Machine performed their new song “My Love.” Lyndsey Havens at Billboard described their performance as “creating an eeriness that perfectly fit the song’s rattling energy.”

Florence Welch BBMAS 2022
Florence Welch at 2022 BBMAS Red Carpet

The Story Behind the Fever

Florence Welch is the frontwoman and vocalist of Florence + The Machine. As such, she recently spoke with NPR’s Michel Martin about Dance Fever. They discussed how it explored balancing “motherhood with the bodily experience of being a performer.”

According to a press release, Dance Fever was also inspired by “the tragic heroines of pre-Raphaelite art, the gothic fiction of Carmen Maria Machado and Julia Armfield, the visceral wave of folk horror film from The Wicker Man and The Witch to Midsommar.”

In addition to the excitement of a new release and performance, the band has announced a tour. Florence + The Machine’s Dance Fever Tour will kick off this September. According to Havens, the band has already treated its fans to a sneak peek at the upcoming tour. They performed for the fans at New York’s Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center.

Overall, Dance Fever is a mix of outside inspiration and personal experiences. Its success is proof of its impact. Already, Dance Fever has reached so many people with its profound, evocative tracks.

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