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Featured Artist Friday: Blanks

Today’s Featured Artist Friday is Blanks, from Holland, an artist who’s literally one of a kind. Simon de Wit, professionally known as Blanks, is becoming kind of a big thing on social media. He started publishing covers on his YouTube channel “Music by Blanks,” initially in Dutch before switching to English. 

It wasn’t until 2018 that he got viral with the remake of Post Malone’s “Better Now.” His video “If BETTER NOW by POST MALONE was an 80s HIT” now has ten million views, thanks to the ironic vibe he gave to the song. 

Musician & Influencer

But, after doing cover videos for several years, Blanks started writing and producing his own music. The thing is, he needed a little help, and here comes the brilliant idea: using his accounts to interact with fans and find help in making new songs. And that’s the story behind one of his best-renowned tracks “Higher,” which dropped in 2019. 

With his first releases, Blanks created his own sound, which takes inspiration from the ‘80s and early 2000s indie-pop. And, the “I wrote a song with my followers” format works brilliantly, enhancing rather than detracting from his musical artistry. It’s something new, and people like it. 

The second important date of Blanks’ career is October 29, 2021, when he released his first album. Nothing Lasts Forever And That’s OK is almost an EP that is crucial to understand the Dutch singer’s discography. “What You Do To Me,” “Turn Around” and “I’m Sorry” are only a few of Blanks’ most important works so far. 

The ironic vibes have somewhat evolved into a more “professional” (if we’re allowed to say so) attitude. He has embraced pure pop sonorities, leaving the old ’80s style behind. 

A New Album Coming Next?

But, let’s talk about the present. This year, Blanks dropped three singles, “Breathe In Breathe Out,” “What You Got (Ayo)” and “Not Scared Anymore,” and it seems he’s preparing for an album, which will be written with fans. Yes, again. Meanwhile, genres are just a word for the Dutch singer, who has experienced all different things. 

He has also planned a few dates around Europe. December 3 in Amsterdam, Holland; February 8 in Milan, Italy; February 10 in Paris, France; and last but not least, February 11 in Antwerp, Belgium.

So, here are two things you can do: go to a show or play his music on your phone. Pick what you want, but give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. 

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7 months ago
Blanks will come to the MUSIC by Knight festival in the Netherlands on June 1, 2024. Tickets and information via