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Featured Artist: Angèle

Angèle, born Angèle Joséphine Aimée Van Laeken, is a Belgian singer who has grabbed a strong foothold in the European music scene at a young age. While her musical talents include composing and pianist, she’s also an actress. And somehow this young talent also was tapped by Chanel for their 2021 eye makeup campaign! Both her parents are well known talents.  So it seems her musical talent came from her father, Marka. Yet her acting skills were passed down by her actress mother, Laurence Bibot. Let’s not forget her brother, the well known rapper Roméo Elvis! More on him later…


Her first album, Brol rolled out back in October 2018 and it’s first few singles garnered her millions of YouTube views. “La Loi de Murphy was her first. Previously Angèle had success via social media by covering “Bruxelles” by Dick Annegan. Her Instagram posts that mixed singing and comedy help land her as an opening act for Ibeyi and the Belgium rapper, Damso. The success of her singles and her opening act status led to the opportunity to perform at Trianon. Can you believe she was singing MC Solaar’s hit, “Victime de la mode” with him on that big stage in Paris???

Another hit off her first record was the collab with her brother, Roméo Elis. “Tout Oublier” not only reached 129 million views but hit the Ultrapop Belgium charts at #1.  It held court at the top for NINE weeks. Nothing like dropping your first record and one of the tracks hits the big time for over two months in your homeland!


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Photo credits: Nickolas Lorieux

2022 Nonante-Cinq

Nonante-Cinq is her latest release. It has a darker tone than her first pop themed album. As is the current trend, it definitely vibes with nostalgia. This is definitely the “heart break” album with tracks ranging from dark dance tracks to poignant piano to downright anguished feels. “Solo” definitely spells out her feelings on lost love.

Fever: collaborating with Dua Lipa

Her biggest collaboration is surely the one that sees her working with American popstar Dua Lipa. Angèle featured the American icon in the song, “Fever.” That song was featured on Dua Lipa’s latest album and hit maker Future Nostalgia. Angèle sang in French on the second verse of this track. She used a whispery texture which made quite a contrast compared to Dua Lipa’s vocals aside from the different language. The song was written by the singers along with Julia Michaels, Caroline Ailin, Jacob Kasher Hindlin along with the producer, Ian Kirkpatrick. Michaels is well known also for her work in 2020s hit singles like Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and 5 Seconds Of Summer’s “Youngblood.”

Angèle Hits North America

Angele will be launching a tour this Spring and skipping through four states in the United States while making a few stops in Canada. Many dates in Europe too. Very cool that this young talent will have two nights in New York City as well as heading up to Massachusets. She’s scheduled to hit that city by the Bay on the west coast, San Franciso and Seattle too.  We’re looking forward to what’s next for this fast developing artist.

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