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Feature Artist: Thuy Opens For Ella Mai’s Tour

Thuy has a great news, and we couldn’t expect any less from such an influential and groundbreaking artist. The Bay Area artist announced she’s taking part in Ella Mai’s tour

After the release of the most recent album, Girls Like Me Don’t Cry, Thuy was getting all kinds of attention. The song and album title was inspired by a nickname her uncle gave her as a baby, “crybaby.” The album led to a headline tour of her own in 10 cities. And now she’s playing larger venues with Ella Mai such as House of Blues Las Vegas, The Warfield in San Francisco, The Wiltern in Los Angeles,

Feeling Emotions on “Universe”

On her July 3rd Instagram post, Thuy discusses singing “Universe” without her ear pieces so as to hear and feel the audience better. Check out her emotional performance shared there. She said in her post,

“it’s a gamble sometimes cus i can barely hear myself.”

Winding Up The Tour with Ella Mai

The tour just came to an end with the singer releasing a statement once again on Instagram to thank her fans and all those that allowed the tour. Thuy wrote:

“wow..we made it! 40+ shows on the heart on my sleeve tour.”

The artist also thanked Ella Mai for welcoming her on her stage and being with her during the entirety of the tour.

“tysm for having me on this journey with you! i loved watching u kill it night after night and u just inspire me so much. Such a humble superstar.

Moreover, she also thanked Ella Mai’s team and her own. “Thank u to your incredible team for also welcoming us with open arms and i’m definitely having post tour depression right now,” she wrote. She then added: “To my team, I am so so proud of us! we made it through sleepless nights, long drives, floods and tornado warnings, drunk nights and bar crawls.” “I wouldn’t have wanted to go through this journey with any other group! love u guys to the moon and back!!!!”

She also mentioned how hard on her the tour was, calling it “challenging,” alongside being grateful for it. “This was the most challenging thing i’ve ever done and i’m just so so grateful for the opportunity,” she wrote.

Mai calling her amazing and welcoming her on her stage.

From March 31 to June 1 in Toronto, Canada,

Off To Europe In The Fall

Meanwhile, they have scheduled a few more nights for us to enjoy her amazing music live. The artist will perform from October, 9 to October, 15 for five nights around Europe. Specifically, she will Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne, Paris and London.

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