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Feature Artist: HAIM Now Opening For North American Leg Of Eras Tour

Last Saturday (July 22) HAIM joined Taylor Swift on stage at her Seattle show for the Eras Tour. It’s great to see one of our Music Daily Discoveries now hitting big stadium stages!

On July 22 Taylor Swift invited HAIM as the special guests for her stop in Seattle on the Eras Tour.
Taylor Swift and HAIM. @HAIMtheband via Twitter.

Eras Tour Opener, HAIM

The pop/rock trio and Swift debuted a live performance of their collaborative track, “No Body, No Crime.” The track appears on Taylor’s 2020 LP Evermore. Additionally, the “Anti-Hero” singer featured on HAIM’s 2021 track “Gasoline” from their third studio album, Women in Music Pt. III. In fact, HAIM will be accompanying Swift on the Eras Tour as the opening act for the remainder of the North American leg.

Prior, HAIM was the opener for Swift’s 1989 World Tour in 2015. Taylor and HAIM are not only supportive business partners but close friends, spending Birthdays, vacations and awards shows together. 

The Story Behind The Sibling Pop/Rock Trio

HAIM proves siblings can in fact get along. HAIM sisters Este, Danielle and Alana cultivate their authentic sound by modernizing ’70s rock, ’80s synth pop, and ‘90’s R&B. With musicians in their bloodline, and an exceptional ear for music, HAIM was always destined for greatness. They play a multitude of instruments and have a gift for crafting hooks as well as songwriting.

Their 2013 debut album Days Are Gone saw rapid success in the U.K., peaking at number six on the Billboard 200 Albums chart. Critically-acclaimed hit singles “The Wire” and “Forever” introduced their diverse sound to a widespread audience. 

However, HAIM would not unleash their sophomore album Something to Tell You until July 2017. The LP peaked at number two on the U.K. Albums Chart and single “Want You Back” at number ten on Billboard’s Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. Additionally, the deluxe version arrived in December 2017. HAIM then would embark on another tour and make their Coachella debut in 2018. 

On July 22 Taylor Swift invited HAIM as the special guests for her stop in Seattle on the Eras Tour.

HAIM’s Grammy-Nominated LP, “Women In Music Pt III”

Following, HAIM would release their third body of work Women in Music Pt. III. in 2021. The 2021 Grammys marked a career defining moment for the trio. HAIM became the first all-female rock band to receive a nomination for album of the year. The LP tackled extremely personal topics such as the loss of Alana’s best friend, Este’s to Type 1 Diabetes, Danielle’s post-tour depression and her partner’s cancer diagnosis. Besides that, the group titled the album Women in Music Pt. III. so interviewers would stop asking them what it’s like being a Woman in music. 

Danielle states in an interview with People Magazine: 

“I kept seeing that phrase, which I think is just a funny phrase in general and it’s tossed around a lot, but I kept seeing it on billboards, and I woke up laughing and I called my sisters and we were trying to figure out what the album was going to be called for a while. And it didn’t present itself until pretty late in the game. At first, we were like, “I don’t know, are people going to get it?” And we’re like, “You know what?” In the spirit of being spontaneous, it made us laugh and we thought it was funny because we got asked, “What’s it like to be a woman in music?” Or, “What’s it like to be women in music?” We had gotten that question every interview since 2012. So we thought, we think it’s funny: Maybe if we name our album that, people will get the picture not to ask the question. And it worked.And then also don’t ask any other woman what it’s like from now on.”

After that, the trailblazing trio released “Lost Track” in 2022 about feeling numb in the midst of an unfortunate situation.

“Tryin’ to get on top / But it’s never easy / Mastered my own luck / But it wasn’t easy / I’m tryin’ to feel alright / Around all these people / I try, but I’m just numb / This time.”

“Home” From ‘Barbie’ The Album

Most recently, HAIM appeared on track ten of the film soundtrack that has everyone tuned in: Barbie The Album. Produced by Rostam and Danielle Haim herself, “Home” is an alternative synth pop track. It’s self-reflection, finding peace after grueling times and accepting the uncertainty of the future. “Home is a symphony and it’s bittersweet when it’s callin’ me / Just another river deep, flowing to an ocean / I know that I may never know; the future, unpredictable / A hundred choices led me here, lessons learned with every tear.” HAIM has found inner confidence and self respect. 

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