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Feature Artist: Ava Max

Today, we are talking about the pop singer-songwriter Ava Max for our Featured Artist Friday segment. Let’s get into it!

We All Love Ava Max

For starters, who doesn’t love “Sweet But Psycho”? After all, it surpasses 1.3 billion streams on Spotify! But Ava has a lot more awesome music that we can enjoy. You might also know her other hit tracks “Kings & Queens,” “My Head & My Heart,” “EveryTime I Cry,” or “The Motto.”

And Ava deserves all the attention that she has been getting these past few years. Her vocals are simply mesmerizing, and her lyrics speak nothing but the truth about all life situations. Most importantly, she’s not afraid to talk about non-conventional topics, which is also why many of her songs become so popular.

The Diamonds & Dancefloors Era

Ava’s last and only album to date came out in 2020. Heaven & Hell gave us the hits that we know and adore, plus other iconic tunes like “Tattoo” and “OMG What’s Happening.” Since then, she has been releasing songs at least twice every year. But this past year, she came back stronger than ever. Her first single of 2022, “Maybe You’re The Problem,” came out in April, which marked the beginning of a new era for the singer. The official announcement of her new album, Diamonds & Dancefloors came out in June. “Million Dollar Baby” followed it in September, giving fans more music to enjoy while waiting for the album.

The Album Had To Be Delayed

Initially, Diamonds & Dancefloors was meant to arrive on October 22. Unfortunately, due to internal conflicts and some song leaks, it had to be pushed back to January 27, 2023. This, however, meant that she released more music before the big drop! Two weeks ago, she teased fans with the new single “One of Us.” The song is fresh, truthful, and energetic all at once. Go give it a listen! 

She Joined The Jingle Ball Tour In November & December

To finish off 2022 strongly, Ava Max joined the Jingle Ball concert tour in November and December. She performed in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington, Atlanta, and more.

So far, there are no news of an upcoming tour from Ava Max coming soon. Nevertheless, with the new album, it is very likely that she will hit the road to celebrate it! So, stay tuned to Music Daily and Ava’s social media for any updates regarding a tour from her.

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