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EOS Drops Debut Single “BIG BANG”

Please welcome to the world stage: EOS, a Hong-Kong Cantonese-based girl group that just debuted their first single “Big Bang” this year! Full of trap, hip-hop, and choreographed dancing—y’all better be ready for a new contender in the global scene.

EOS drops "BIG BANG"
EOS. “BIG BANG” Single Cover Art. From @eos.latedao.official On Instagram

Some Hong Kong Representation Here!

Even though EOS’s creation and new single dropped like a bombshell in the new year, it’s clear that they have been prepping for their debut for awhile. Actually, the origins of the band started when Hazelle Celeste Leung, Summer Lui, and Lokyi Liu were brought together by the company “Latedao” in 2022. The goal was to form a girl group that would represent their Hong Kong culture and heritage. In detail, Hazelle is the group’s captain and lead rapper, Summer is the main dancer, and Lokyi is the lead singer. These girls are all incredibly talented in the art world. And all of them are talented in multiple genres of music and dance. This is even more impressive because they are also still very young. In fact, Lokyi is still attending middle school! 

Additionally, the girls have trained extraordinarily hard for their debut, visiting South Korea to train in dancing and singing. EOS described this training to be grueling for the mind and for their bodies. Being such a new group, we hope that they will not have to sacrifice too much of their health and mind for success. 

“Big Bang” Is A Fusion Of Energy

EOS’s “Big Bang” is an explosive song, filled with energetic flair from the rap intermixed with alto singing. The fusion of the pop elements with lots of hip-hop and trap groove works exceedingly well in this song. More importantly, EOS describes “Big Bang” as:

“A powerful girl crush dance song with the message of ‘powerful independent woman not caring about what others think.’”

“Hot like a flame when I move like that Baby lemme show you how / Never had a girl put it down like this / Giving the boom boom boom pow, yeah / We’re gonna make it loud / Turn up the bass lemme hear that sound / I wanna go, get me on the floor / You know I got you wanting more yeah.”

Even more, EOS posted a music video to compliment their song. Similar to K-pop, they choreographed their entire video to the max! They include numerous creative set pieces and different outfits throughout the well-directed video. 

It’ll be exciting to see what EOS does next! Click here to check out what future projects they have in store.

Finally, if you’re wondering what EOS stands for, it signifies the dawn in Greco-Roman mythology.


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