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ENHYPEN – “Manifesto: Day 1” Album Review

ENHYPEN has made a powerful comeback with their newest EP, Manifesto: Day 1.

ENHYPEN Continues to Make History

enhypen manifesto: day 1
Photo Credit: BELIFT Lab

Under BELIFT Lab, ENHYPEN has been quickly making their mark as the future of Kpop. Formed from the 2020 competition survival show I-LAND, the group has made a huge impact on the Kpop industry. E. Cha at Soompi says that Manifesto: Day 1 topped the iTunes charts across the globe within just a day of its release.

According to Haley Yang at Korea JoongAng Daily, their latest mini album, Manifesto: Day 1, sold over 1.24 million copies in just the first week. Released on July 4th, the EP passed the 1 million mark within only 24 hours. The group’s 2021 album, Dimension: Dilemma, sold over 1.1 million copies. ENHYPEN now holds the record for the fastest Kpop act to have two million-seller albums since their debut, which was only 2 years ago.

‘Manifesto: Day 1’

enhypen manifesto: day 1 album
Photo Credit: BELIFT Lab

The title track and first single for Manifesto: Day 1 is “Future Perfect (Pass the Mic).” With a Chicago drill beat, the song conveys the group’s wanting to be loved for their skills. They want to use the power they gain, not only for themselves, but also for others. Named after the English verb tense “future perfect,” the song promises that ENYPEN will continue to go further into the future.

Manifesto: Day 1 also includes songs ENGENEs, ENHYPEN’s fanbase, have quickly favorited, like the groovy “ParadoXXX Invasion” and the lovesick “TFW (That Feeling When).”

All of the ENHYPEN members participated in the creation of the EP, from storyline to songwriting to design. The song “SHOUT OUT” has lyrics that member Jake himself wrote. He’s the first ENHYPEN member whose lyrics were chosen for an album.

Manifesto: Day 1 has continued ENHYPEN’s successful-album streak, and has paved the way for their new music as they continue to experiment with their sound.

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