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Emotional Oranges Are “Still Emo”

The alternative R&B group Emotional Oranges put out a new album titled Still Emo. It is 8 tracks long and features Tkay Maidza, Aayana, Nonso Amadi, and Zhu.

According to Robin Murray at Clash Music, Emotional Oranges commented on the project:

“‘STILL EMO’ marks our fifth project in four years, and the second (independent) tape in the last eight months. It’s the most fun I’ve personally had making music, experimenting both sonically and thematically. We’re in dramatically different places in our personal lives since starting this group – I’m recovering after ending a four-year relationship while V is thriving in her relationship. It’s helped give a new perspective to the songs we’re writing.”

They continued:

“‘STILL EMO’ is a mindset. For us, it’s all about still having that same passion and attitude towards whatever it is that you love. Sonically, we wanted to pay homage to all sides of our inspirations – the underground dance record ‘Not Like This’ and the Pharoah Monche influenced ‘Be Somebody’, to the Amapiano grooves of ‘Not Worthy’ and 90’s Bad Boy era ‘Wrong Hands’. We’ve had the luxury of touring almost every continent and tried to incorporate different bits of things that have connected with us.”

The lyric video above is for the track “Olympics,” featuring Aayanna. Like the other songs on the album, the vibes are easy and the lyrics are about a complicated relationship. The vocals are smooth like silk, with Emotional Oranges’ V and Aayanna singing together beautifully.

In an interview for Clash Music, the R&B duo discussed their process for making music:

“‘When you have an incredible bond with someone and you understand or are starting to understand your creative partner things just flow better. From the songwriting to the takes, it all gets easier,’ V expands on A’s point, adding that the pair regularly, only took one take to get it right this time around. ‘The writing we do really fast, he [A] takes his time on the production to get it really right.'”

You can stream Still Emo on Spotify here.

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