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Emblem3 Announce New Album Coming in February

Emblem3 started off the new year with a new album announcement.

Emblem3 is Ready to Make 2023 Its Year

The band composed of brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg with their childhood friend Drew Chadwick is ready to bring us on a nostalgia trip. After having a few rough years as a band – breaking up, then coming back together, breaking up again, coming back as a duo, and more – they are finally ready and stronger than ever. 

The last full-length album from Emblem3 was Songs From the Couch, Vol. 1 in 2014, during an era where only Wesley and Keaton were part of the band. So, the only album that the three of them have worked together on is their debut album, Nothing To Lose, in 2013. Can you believe it’s been 10 years already?! I certainly cannot.

Songs From The Couch Vol. 2 is Out on February 8

So, here’s where the good news comes in. To kick off the year, Emblem3 announced that they will be releasing their new album (with all three members!) on February 8. Even better, the album is titled Songs From the Couch Vol. 2, so it teases that the sound we’ll get to hear will possibly be similar to the 2014 Emblem3. I can’t wait to hear it!

To share the big announcement, Emblem3 teased fans on a secret account – – for weeks. Many fans thought that the account was actually teasing a One Direction reunion, so those who thought so weren’t to happy to find out the truth. Nevertheless, OG Emblem3 fans were thrilled to hear the announcement.

“We’ve got a special surprise announcement for you all,” Emblem3 shared on a Instagram post. “New album coming February 8th! When we first started working on our next album, we knew we wanted to do something for the fans and revisit our roots. You’ve been asking and we heard you: we are releasing Songs from the Couch Vol. 2.”

Check their post down below to read the full announcement!


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