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Elles Bailey’s Long Anticipated Shining In The Half Light

Elles Bailey

Elles Bailey published her much anticipated first full length album, Shining In The Half Light. The album is a blend of the artist’s blues and country. Singing with a scratched and roaring voice, she delivers a performance full of emotions and soul. The artist flawlessly combines and owns the genres in what is undoubtedly a successful album. Inevitable is the reminiscence of the the real southern blues rock feel.

With this new release, Bailey is going another step forward, finding her own place in the British blues scene and getting closer to obtain a new award.

Shining In The Half Light: Bringing people together with music

Together with Bailey, Joe Wilkins on guitar, Matthew Waer on bass, Matthew Jones on drums and Jonny Henderson on keyboards serve powerful riffs and lines. The strong voice and the underlying rhythm of the songs collide with the positivity and sense of lightness of the lyrics. It wants to represent the power of art, even in dark times like 2020-22.

The album comes out of the last two years as an hymn to the power of music, hope and courage. “It’s called Shining In The Half Light because there we all were, in this time of uncertainty, worry and isolation, and yet artists were still putting themselves on a screen, warts and all, and that brought people together,” she explained. Like many musicians, Elles herself learnt and found a new creativity and inspiration from the period, releasing the album Ain’t Nothing But.

Alternation of energies and new influences

The album alternates strong guitars and acoustic blues. The energy of The Game, Stones and Sunshine City contrast with the sweeter and more emotional melody of the acoustic Halfway House.

Bailey also made sure to introduce gospel-infused backing vocals. Aiding her in this experiment were Izo Fitzroy alongside Jade Elliot and Andrusilla Mosley. The realization was then concluded by the participation of the rock producer Dan Weller.

Shining in the Half Light is Bailey’s first full length album. The artist recorded the album in Devon. It will be available on Feb 25. All the CDs and LPs copies will be signed by Elles Bailey! Pre order your copy here.

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