Don’t Be Fooled By Maya Delilah’s “Pretty Face”

New Single “Pretty Face” By Maya Delilah

“You ain’t that special, just another pretty face,” but Maya Delilah is actually something else. “Pretty Face” is the new single of the 22-year-old guitarist and songwriter from North London. Maya Delilah currently is getting to know the USA better while supporting the tour of the band Melt.

Maya is one of those new generation artists with a huge passion for the old school. Her discography connects and finds influence from a lot of works of the ‘80s. It’s the definition of pure soul, a harmonious fusion between the blues/gospel sounds and the ways of the pop song. “Pretty Face” talks about what could have been, and Maya Delilah expresses her delusion with the delicacy of her vocal timbre. And we get all the feelings the artist wants to yell. The message comes without the urgency of being listened to, the voice volume is lowered and the quality one raised. Only a few people are able to make it this way, and Maya Delilah is one of those. Because Maya is a musician first, and a singer second.

Major label, US dates… What’s Next?

The drop of the new single “Pretty Face” comes out on the signature label Blue Note/Capitol, who believed in this diamond in the rough. Thanks also, to Maya’s experiments on the internet. Maya Delilah is indeed a pretty big thing on social media too. The many covers she made in the past, and the ones she’s still working on, gave her a decent amount of attention. Something that was more common some years ago, when platforms like YouTube/SoundCloud were still considered as a chance to be known. But it seems now there’s a return of this trend. Young artists want recognition for their music, even if there’s no major behind them.

Maya has time on her side, but she’s already making the steps to achieve what she wants. This past summer she toured across Europe opening for Blu DeTiger in addition to performing at UK festivals including All Points East and Love Supreme. Now Maya Delilah is ready to rock in the USA. Next dates in California (11/10 San Diego, 11/11 LA, 11/12 Berkeley), and then Vancouver (11/16), Seattle (11/17) and Portland (11/18). 

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