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Demi Lovato Rocks Out On The ‘HOLY FVCK Tour’

Demi Lovato just concluded their HOLY FVCK Tour and Chicago was the very last stop of it. Luckily, I was able to come and experience it with my own eyes.

Go Listen To HOLY FVCK!

First of all, let’s refer to Demi as exactly what they are – an icon! If you haven’t listened to their last album yet, I highly suggest you go and do so right now. GO! As for the rest of you who have already given it a listen or just want to keep reading, I’m about to give you a summary of the show.

As we know, Demi is currently in a very punk-rock era. They call it “going back to their roots,” as their first couple of albums such as Don’t Forget and Here We Go Again lean toward a pop-punk sound. And well, that sound is very much back, with a thousand percent more energy! The HOLY FVCK Tour was nothing but punk rock made right.

Demi Started The Show With Their Latest Punk Rock Tracks

After the stage was hidden with an enormous poster of a cross that represented the cover of Demi’s last album, Demi started the show with the track that gives the tour its name. The next three songs that followed were all from this album – “FREAK,” “SUBSTANCE,” and “EAT ME.” They made sure to go all the way on every single one of them. 

A Trip Down Memory Lane

After such as strong intro, one would’ve thought that they would’ve kept the punk hits going. And Demi did! But not in the way one might have expected. The next five songs took us back to prior eras of Demi, and some songs that were definitely more on the pop side were changed to make them sound rock.

The first one of them was “Confident” – a 2015 tune that every single teenager and young adult would be bumping in their car back then. And it still hits just as strongly. Next, we were taken 13 years back to 2009 when they played “Here We Go Again” and “Remember December.” But that was not it. We were taken even further back to 2008 with songs from their very first album, “La La Land” and “Don’t Forget.” The audience went absolutely crazy on every single one of these songs, as they hadn’t played them live in MANY years.

Back To The Present!

After the trip down memory lane, we were taken back to the present. “4 EVER 4 ME” was next, and Demi explained that this was one of their favorite songs that they had ever written, as they wrote it when they were falling in love with someone new. Demi combined this song with The Goo Goo Dolls’ classic “Iris,” mentioning that this was also one of their favorite songs. The combination of these two together was magical.

Pop Turned Rock

Next, we had another taste of a Demi pop hit turned to rock. “Sorry Not Sorry” entails Demi singing higher and higher every note. “CITY OF ANGELS” quickly followed, where they also showcased their talents. 

Time To Cry

After rocking out, it was time to slow things down. Demi’s 2011 hit ballad “Skyscraper” started playing, and some fans started crying right away. Demi sang masterfully, and every single word that came out of their mouth was full of emotion. “29,” a new ballad off HOLY FVCK came after, and Demi apologized to all the people in the crowd that felt related to the song. (If you don’t know, the track touches on Demi and Wilmer Valderrama’s former relationship, which started taking place when they were just 17 years old and he was 29.

The ‘HOLY FVCK Tour’ Comes To An End

To wrap up the show, Demi ended on a high note. “Heart Attack” and “SKIN OF MY TEETH” were next, and Demi actually left the stage after performing the latter. Nevertheless, they came back for a few more songs after the entire building started chanting their name! 

“HAPPY ENDING” and “Cool for the Summer” gave the HOLY FVCK tour its official end. During these songs, they made sure to interact with the audience, and even recorded a video with a hardcore fan that was front row in the PIT! 

Demi Has Two More Shows This Year During The Jingle Ball Tour

If you happened to miss Demi during this tour, don’t you worry. They still have two more shows left to play this year on the Jingle Ball tour. Demi’s first appearance will be on December 9 at New York’s stop of the tour, and the next one will be on December 11 in Boston. To get more information and get your tickets, click here.

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