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DBMK Releases New Single “Chains”

DBMK Is Jumping Back In

After their last single, “Tough,” in October of last year, DBMK is finally back after the release of their newest song “Chains”. This single is good news for fans who have been missing new music from DBMK, who appears to be taking a new approach to their sound.

This new single takes a less electronic and dark approach than “Jump in the Dark,” the band’s most recent EP had. Sporting an upbeat tempo from a drum set rather than a beat machine and the smooth strumming of an acoustic guitar, this song appears to be a breath of fresh air for the band to reinvent their sound.

Deeper Meaning

Despite the upbeat nature of this song, when looking at the lyrics it appears to have a much deeper and darker meaning that what the ear might interpret.

The song discusses fears that this generation is facing. Growing up in a world that is always be beating down on the younger generations, it’s nice to have a song that expresses the anxieties that come along with it. If anything, this song is an ode to what every young person has felt over these past few years.

In an interview with Bong Mines Entertainment, DBMK explains that “We’re a generation facing what feels like another apocalypse at the start of every day and live on the cliché, ‘We’re here not for a long time, but a good time.’ But while this may be true, we don’t have to spend that time alone and we can even dress up and make it a party along the way.”

What’s next?

While their hasn’t been any buzz about more releases from the band, they have a very active Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. For more on them, their merchandise, and to sign up for their newsletter, visit their website here.


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