Darren Criss Has Been Waiting “for a night like this”

Glee alum and singer-songwriter Darren Criss shared his third single of the year. “For a night like this” follows up dance tracks “”i can’t dance” and “f*kn around.”

Dance Along With Darren Criss

Darren Criss has been on a roll lately. So far, this year he has shared the uplifting dance-pop tracks “f*kn around” (which kicked off the new era) and “i can’t dance”. Now, he released his latest single “for a night like this”; and it’s making us just want to get up and dance.

“For a night like this” is undeniably a song for all of us who have gone through a hard year (pretty much the entire world.) In the song, Darren makes sure that everyone who listens to it can relate to the lyrics and feel happy. 

“This one is dedicated. To the dedicated… Been a long, long year. We made it through. Wouldn’t be here now. If not for you. And we’ve come so far. It’s safe to say. Baby, we deserve. To celebrate,” he sings in the first verse.

You Deserve a Night Like This!

After releasing the song on all platforms; Darren took over to his YouTube channel to comment on the video for the song’s audio. “What artist doesn’t want a song of theirs to end up on the permanent playlist for every wedding, New Year’s Eve, reception, afterparty, Quinceañera, Bar and Bat Mitzvah? ‘for a night like this’ is me trying my hand at joining the ranks of those go-to celebration songs we all know and love.” 

“So, like the best of them, I made a song designed to invite you out of your seat and onto the dance floor. For the nights you get dressed up to get down. For the ones you spend a little on to celebrate a lot for. A song for those special nights you work hard and wait for; so you can go all out sharing something you love with the people you love.”

If you’re having a bad day or just want a new song to dance along to, make sure to check out Darren Criss’ newest song “for a night like this.”

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