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Danny Elfman & Phoebe Bridgers For Nightmare Before Christmas In UK

Alright everybody, it’s November so you know what that means! We’re skipping this entire month and whatever holidays it holds and going straight to Christmas! Hey, if Mariah Carey can do it every year, then so can I. Okay then, let’s take a quick dip into what’s going on with Danny Elfman and Nightmare Before Christmas.

Danny Elfman & Phoebe Bridgers Do Nightmare Before Christmas

From the title and subheading, you can already imagine that this is a pretty iconic performance in the making. However, there is some sad news for my U.S. readers. Danny Elfman will be taking the live production of Nightmare Before Christmas to the UK this year! Now that that’s out of the way, the other big piece of news is that Phoebe Bridgers will be playing Sally! A dream come true, I’m sure. As for everyone’s beloved Pumpkin King, Danny Elfman will of course be performing as Jack Skellington. If you didn’t already know, Danny Elfman provided the singing voice for Jack in the original film! 

For the cherry on top, Ken Page will be returning to voice Oogie Boogie! Ain’t nothing like bringing the band back together! So, if you’re in the UK or will be on December 9th and 10th, then get your tickets for the show! It’ll be held in London’s OVO Arena. Aside from this, hope you have a fantastically gothic week! 

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