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Conan Gray Releases ‘Lonely Dancers’

Conan Gray has released a fourth song from his upcoming album, Found Heaven. He teased the track on January 31 ringing in the new year with new music. Gray has been gearing up for this release and on Friday, February 9, the song dropped. The single is called “Lonely Dancers,” and has an accompanying music video.

Review of Conan Gray’s “Lonely Dancers”

The synth electric track took inspiration from the ’80s synth-pop sound. Conan Gray switched between his lower register and upper register. It has an upbeat feel with sad lyrics, which is a common theme for Gray. The track is catchy and sounds like a typical single for the singer, with some elevation to it. That elevation is using more of his lower register. Conan Gray’s music tends to only be in his upper register, and it was impressive to hear the bass in his voice.

Each release from Gray becomes better than the next as he evolves as an artist and finds his signature sound. “Lonely Dancers” is about people who aren’t in a relationship and envy couples dancing together. They wish to be free of that lonely feeling just for the night. Conan Gray wants everyone on the dance floor so they find someone who isn’t in love already. We see this in the lyrics, “Your lover left you, broke up tonight / My lover’s busy kissin’ other guys, oh / We’re both alone now, tears in our eyes. / I know the perfect way to waste our time.” Gray, dumped over text, envies that relationship, which is another aspect of the song. Although the song sounds similar to other songs, it’s catchy and is one of my personal favorite releases from the singer.

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“Lonely Dancers” Official Music Video Review

The music video for “Lonely Dancers” starts with Conan Gray seeing his ex kiss another guy as his jaw is on the floor in disbelief. He watches them be all lovey-dovey together and heads back inside to play the track on the jukebox furthering the ’80s inspiration. Gray finds himself on the dance floor around people by themselves, standing there like mannequins. Conan then takes clothes from different people, putting them on himself as he busts a move while singing into the microphone alone. The video ends with the ex kicking the guy who’s kissing her in the balls as Gray falls to the dance floor dramatically.

Conan Gray does a good job of storytelling and portraying what exactly is going on in the song. He is a lonely dancer and instead of other people dancing with him, Gray is isolated. It’s a clever way of telling the story and is one of his best music videos to date. Every minor detail made sense, from using references from the ’80s to him seeing the girl with another guy, making him a lonely dancer.

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