February 02, 2023



Cody Jinks Teases Country and Metal Albums

Cody Jinks, Forth Worth native and country singer, teases his upcoming albums, Mercy and None The Wiser, with multiple new singles. The rising star is set to release both on November 12th. None The Wiser and Mercy vary widely in their genres – one is outlaw country and the other is metal – but share in Jinks’ heartfelt songwriting and powerful vocals.

Opposite Sides of Heartbreak

Cody Jinks recently released two country singles, “I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore” and “Hurt You.” These singles rest on the opposite sides of heartbreak. “I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore” is a melancholy ballad, while “Hurt You” is a spiteful, fiery track. Known for his complex music content, Jinks demonstrates his diverse songwriting abilities in these two songs.

A Guns-Blazing Metal Track

Not only has Cody released new country singles, he’s also dropped a few metal tracks to prepare for None The Wiser with his band, Caned by Nod. “Seeing Ghosts” is a guns-blazing, powerful track that runs just over two minutes. Unlike Jinks’ previous country songs, “Seeing Ghosts” holds strength of vocals above delicacy of tone. It’s a track that, if you didn’t know better, would come from an artist other than Cody Jinks. But perhaps that’s part of the fun – discovering the Forth Worth native in one genre and then finding him again in another.

More to Come

Cody announced his double album venture in August, and fans have been raving ever since. Both Mercy and None The Wiser are produced and engineered by Edward Spear. Though releasing two albums on the same day may seem like a large task, it’s made easier when they are recorded at the same time and at the same place. Jinks finished both albums at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas.

Are you excited for Cody Jinks’ upcoming albums? Be sure to check them out on November 12th!

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