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COBRAH Drops Her Latest Subversive Club Anthem “SUCK”

Rising electronic artist COBRAH just dropped her new single “SUCK.” The song is her 13th single and it predates her upcoming EP.

It is a striking musical work, as the first (and primary) words are astronomically beyond radio-friendly. Here’s the chorus: Suck my cl*t/You’ll love it/Get down, sit/I insist/Babe, eat my cl*t/You’ll love it/Give it a spit/I insist.” The verse is even raunchier, as COBRAH opts to utilize visceral descriptions regarding bodily fluids in contrast to the more direct, simple approach in the chorus.

It is doubtful that being radio-friendly is of any concern to COBRAH. Her music is for dark, dirty clubs and fetish wear is her go-to look. However, a censored version would be interesting, as it invokes the question of how much of a song can be ‘bleeped’ but still retain its original message. It’s like the famous ship of Theseus paradox, for the modern age.

On the subject of the new release, the Swedish artist said this:

“”SUCK” started out as a gag that grew with time. It was my first day back in the studio after the COBRAH EP and I just wanted to have fun with music! It feels very symbolic releasing it as the start of something new and I’ve been carrying the idea of using suction cups foreverrrr so to finally give birth to this world I’ve created is amazing! (also the song makes me feel really sexy which is hot).”

COBRAH’s Alien Love

The music video is as bold as the song itself, complimenting COBRAH’s unabashed erotic persona. Alien probing is a staple of sci-fi horror, but this music video pushes the subject into a sensual realm. The song is reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s “Scheiße,” while the visuals are comparable to Lil Nas X’s massively controversial music video for “CALL ME BY YOUR NAME.”

COBRAH is going back on a mini-tour later this year. For now, enjoy the latest single on your favorite streaming platform.

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