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Cheat Codes, Travis Barker & Tove Styrke Show “All Things $ Can Do”

EDM group Cheat Codes joined forces with rockstar Travis Barker and Swedish artists Tove Styrke for the new dance-pop banger “All Things $ Can Do.”

Cheat Codes Have Been in the Studio A Lot

Cheat Codes have been working on new music nonstop this year. They kicked off the year by releasing “Hate You + Love You,” featuring AJ Mitchell. The track played the part as the lead single off their newest album HELLRAISERS, Part 1. Shortly after, they united with Danny Quest and Hayley May for “That Feeling,” and finally released their album on May 6.

Since HELLRAISERS Part 1 came out, the DJs have already dropped two new singles. Last month, they dropped the dance-country banger “Never Love You Again” featuring Little Big Town and Bryn Christopher. “All Things $ Can Do” arrives as its follow-up. The track holds the characteristic Cheat Codes dance-pop style firmly, and all of the artists involved made sure to leave their mark as well.

Stars Unite on “All Things $ Can Do”

“All Things $ Can Do” is a fun song about having fun with friends and party all night long – that is if you have the money to do it. “All the things that money can do. Why be sad when I can I buy something new? I don’t even care if I’m wastin’ my time,” they unite in the chorus.

Speaking about the meaning of the song, Cheat Codes stated, “A lot of people get into this rat race of trying to have more, make more, and do more but at a certain point it’s a mental illness. When you go down that rabbit hole of everything that money can do for you, it poses the question ‘what can’t it do?’ Some of the best things in life such as love and relationships require time and attention. You can’t just throw money at it and expect it to flourish. Life’s about balance.”

On working with Travis Barker, Cheat Codes stated, “It’s been a dream working with him. He’s one of those guys that can hear the song once and know exactly what to play. I swear he’s got a photographic memory or something.”

Styrke continued, “I’m beyond excited for this collaboration to be out! When I heard this song I immediately fell in love with it. And to be on the same track as Travis Barker is so cool, he’s such an icon.”

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