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Chase Atlantic Recruit Maggie Lindemann For “OHMAMI” Remix

Aussie alt R&B trio Chase Atlantic recruited rising rockstar Maggie Lindermann for a new remix version of their English-Spanish hit “OHMAMI.”

Chase Atlantic Explored a Different Route With “OHMAMI”

The original version of “OHMAMI” came out recently in June, and it already surpassed 22 million streams on Spotify. The Aussie trio formed by Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave, and Christian Anthony have been together since 2014, and they’re better known for their 2015 hit “Friends.”

For “OHMAMI,” Chase Atlantic took a more Spanish-influenced path, and they sing in both languages, showing off their skills. About the song, the trio said, “It’s the type of song that allows you to really feel yourself; to actually feel alive… Yet, at the same time, it provides an escape from reality. Even if it’s just momentarily, you can feel the effect of the song lingering in the brain like audible drugs.”

Now that over two months have passed; they decided to give the song a new kick by adding the rising rockstar Maggie Lindemann to the mix. All of their vocals together sound electrifying and clean. 

Maggie Adds Her Vocals to the Mix

“Working with Maggie Lindemann was a pleasant surprise that transpired through social media; it was a new and exciting approach for us in terms of modern collaboration,” Chase Atlantic explain. “From the moment we started creating ‘OHMAMI’ we believed that a female vocal would complement the track significantly. Once we heard Maggie’s verse; we were immediately taken back by her understanding of our sound and the way we create our music. To put it simply, Maggie completely understood the assignment. A+.”

Maggie adds, “When Chase Atlantic DM-d me asking if I wanted to collaborate on a new version of OHMAMI — I was hyped. I was a fan of the original and was excited to do something a lil’ different on the track.”

Check out the new “OHMAMI” remix and let us know what you think of this unexpected collaboration!

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